Everyone has a reason why they can’t start a soft circuits project . . . “I’ve never done anything with electronics!” “I don’t know how to sew!” “Programming is too difficult!” Starting with a skill you have and learning something new to combine with it is creative and rewarding.  Expand your vision of what types […]

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this purse project, start here to see how I tested the LEDs and created the initial circuit Interior Purse Lights – Part 1 Sew In A Switch Once I confirmed the circuit between the Gemma microcontroller and the LEDs was working, the next step was to attach the […]

I was excited when the box arrived from Adafruit!  I’d read about all these cool projects, like the messenger bag that can display a scrolling text from your phone, or a skirt with sequins that light up when you move.  Having minimal hands-on experience with electronics, I decided to get some practice with the purse […]

Are you a teacher or parent who would like to introduce a student to programming in 2016? Or perhaps they got started in 2015, and would like to continue learning, but you are not sure how to guide them further? Scratch programming is a great way to get started creating animations or games, and learning […]